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Windows form print helper component
A drop in component to print or print preview a windows form


The Windows form print helper component component is an extender component that you can drop on to the forms in your windows forms application ( Visual Studio 2005 or beyond ) to allow you to turn it into a printed document.

It is intended to help the developer rapidly overcome the problems with getting the screen content down on paper in the form of a structured and presentable document.

It allows you to specify the controls on a form you want to print (so that you can decide not to print the command buttons for instance) and to specify exactly how you want to print that control on the page.


How it works

The component implements System.ComponentModel.IExtenderProvider which means that it extends each of the controls on the form to add a bunch of extra properties to that control. Then when the Print or Print Preview component methods are called it uses these extended properties to lay out and print the form.

There are also component properties that control how the control prints or previews the form, and also the name of the document in the spool queue.

Worked examples

The following examples are a guide to using the various properties of the control - please feel free to add any other examples you have todo

FAQ and Troubleshooting

If something isn't working as you expect have a look in the FAQ page - if there's no answer there then maybe add an issue to the issue tracker.

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